Eco-Friendly&Chemical Free Wash Ball
Eco-Friendly&Chemical Free Wash Ball
Eco-Friendly&Chemical Free Wash Ball
Eco-Friendly&Chemical Free Wash Ball
Eco-Friendly&Chemical Free Wash Ball
Eco-Friendly&Chemical Free Wash Ball

Eco-Friendly&Chemical Free Wash Ball


It is time to go green in laundry room now!

You can finally do laundry without throwing away your hard-earned money with each load.

It’s super easy to use, chemical & toxin-free, eco-friendly and lasts 1000+ Washes!

Two or three balls can work out best for your washing. Most Customers Buy 2 Or More 
  • A GREAT VALUE – Eco Laundry Balls will last through 1,000 loads of wash! That’s up to three years of laundry! Thats One Awesome Money Saving Product! Great for travel and Dorm Rooms also Safe For Bras, Hats, And Delicates,place washing ball in the sun for a few hours every month to regenerate ceramic mioro beads.

This amazing wash ball fights all types of stains:Ketchup,Coffee,Sweat Stains,Wine,Juice,Ink,Chocolate,Midew,Mud

What Makes Laundry Orb the Ideal Choice for My Families Laundry?

Chemical & Toxin Free

Detergents from the grocery store are filled with countless chemicals. Take a look at the label on yours, you might see things like 1,4 Dioxane, Petroleumdistillates & propylene glycol. Laundry Orb was carefully crafted from the start to exclusively use bio-ceramics naturally raise the pH level of water to disinfect your clothes and also BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – A green alternative to detergents, these laundry balls conserve water and energy and do not contaminate rivers and streams. They also eliminate plastic laundry bottles that can end up in landfills. Laundry ball for detergent free cleaning


Detergent keeps you buying more every month. You will be stuck going back time & time again shelling out your hard earned money.

Preserves Your Clothes

Detergents & other chemicals solutions break down the colors & brightness of clothes. Leaving you with fading clothes & sending you back to the store to revamp your wardrobe.

Perfect for sensitive skin

You may not even realize the chemicals inside your detergent can irritate & agitate skin. Making you uncomfortable the entire day you are wearing your clothes.

  • Last 1000 Washes
  • Easy to Use
  • Great for Sensitive Skin
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Eco Friendly
  • Keeps Clothes Bright & Vibrant



  • 1.washing with warm water, the effect will be better, note: the water temperature can not be higher than 80 degrees, otherwise it will affect the use.
  • 2.After using for a period of time, the ball should be taken out to dry and reuse, which can increase the washing effect and prolong the service life.
  • 3.Prevent the ball from being squeezed or broken to prevent mineral leakage and affect the use effect.
  • 4.The laundry ball is used continuously, the effect will be weakened, it is recommended to use it after drying.
  • 5.In use, the rupture of the laundry ball can be replaced, and the damage caused by non-use will not be replaced.

Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

Delivery time--Worldwide 7-15 days
Handling time--Ship within 24 hours after payment
Fast refund--100% Money Back Guarantee
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